How to Care for Fur: 4 steps

Fur has always been fashionable. When You  purchase a  fur, you must know how to properly care about it and how to store it. Do You want your coat look like new? Then you need to remember a few simple rules:

1. Fur is afraid of water & Humidity  They are the enemies number one of fur, so be careful try not to get them exposed to rain or snowstorm. If your coat is still wet, it must be shaken well, and then only to dry at room temperature. Do not dry fur near a heater or in the sun!

2. Fur does not like perfumes and toilet waters, because the alcohol contained in them can damage it. If you have decided on their own to clean dust or dirt, coat using alcoholic solutions and solvents, remember that so you spoil it.

3. Therefore, do not attempt to clean the fur - professional dry cleaning fur will cost you much cheaper than a broken coat. Also, do not spoil the fur brushing and combing. If it is hurting a little - just shake the product, and a bottle of shine and shine again.

4. Proper storage of fur - is one of the main rules to care about fur. It is best to take the fur off-season in a special fur refrigerator, where he passed the ideal temperature for storing furs (+5 to -20 degrees). If you do not have such an opportunity, try to keep the coat in a special fabric cover, in a dark, cool place. It should hang on the broad shoulders, the length of the cover should allow to place the coat so that her skirt is not hesitated. Do not forget to keep the fur from moths! Be sure to put in the closet where you store your coat preparations moth.